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Sale!! Living By Faith

The price of Living by Faith, a study on the book of Daniel and Habakkuk, has been reduced from $13 to $10 through September 15.  In light of current political and social events in our country we hope that Christians will gain insight by studying how Daniel stood firm in difficult, political times.  Light My Path Ministries is selling this study at a reduced price as we hope our customers will gain courage and strength to stand boldly and confidently when faith is challenged and trampled.  The book of Habakkuk gives us hope that in perilous times God will strengthen his people and God’s people will continue to rejoice in Him.  The book of Daniel instructs us how to live among those who believe in their own power instead of the power of the living God.  We live in such times as those of Habakkuk and Daniel so let’s take heed and stand firm in our Lord.Living by Faith.tif