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Archive for the ‘The Bible is Real Today’ Category

“History builds identity.”  Roshan Santami, American Musician In my house sits a very old table and buffet. It belonged to my husband’s grandparents. This table and buffet were one of the first pieces of furniture they bought when they were married.  My husband remembers sitting at the table when he was a young boy.  As a […]

Lessons from the Garden #1

Spring has arrived in Texas! After a record breaking winter in the DFW area (12 inches of snow within 24 hours!) the perennials have awakened with vigorous growth. In my garden some of my favorite perennials, Mexican mint marigold and Texas Aster, have generously multiplied, outgrown their beds and are threatening not only their own […]

Genesis is Real for Women Today

As we write our 14th study guide, Connie and I are thinking very deeply about the book of Genesis and how it relates to our 21st century lives.  For the next few weeks, we are going to sharing some thoughts from the very first book of the Bible.  In my house sits a very old […]