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Fig leaf clothes just won’t last!

“History builds identity.”  Roshan Santami, American Musician In my house sits a very old table and buffet. It belonged to my husband’s grandparents. This table and buffet were one of the first pieces of furniture they bought when they were married.  My husband remembers sitting at the table when he was a young boy.  As a […]

Tip #3

      Let’s review where we have been so far in our small group management skills.  #1.  Arrange the chairs in your room to correspond to the number of women showing up.  #2.  There has to be a group discussion leader and today is #3.  The leader has to act like the leader! If […]

We All Know One

If you have ever attended a Ladies Bible class you have probably met her – the woman that talks too much – the one that totally dominates the discussion.  She can be really frustrating.  It’s hard to get a word in edgewise and sometimes if you disagree with her – sparks will fly!  How does […]

It’s That Time Again!

All over America, it’s that time again. The weather is getting cooler, we are getting back on a schedule, closets are being cleaned out, new supplies are appearing in backpacks, children are heading off to school and Ladies Bible class is starting up. Yea! I love a good Ladies Bible class. There is just something […]