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Women Walking With God Conference — Wichita, Kansas






The Women Walking With God Conference was last weekend (April 11-12) in Wichita, Kansas.  This year the conference sold out early and had to move to a larger venue.  Light My Path Ministries always looks forward to attending this conference and the opportunity to advertise our study guides.  For information about next year’s Women Walking With God conference watch for postings on their website   If you plan to go – buy your tickets early!

Light My Path Ministries table at the 2014 Women Walking With God Conference

Light My Path Ministries table at the 2014 Women Walking With God Conference


Do you know how to choose Life?

Provers 12.28

Proverbs 12:28 says “In the way of righteousness is life. And in its pathway there is no death.”

How does one walk the path of righteousness? Why do people choose death instead of life?

The answers to these questions can be found in God’s word – The Bible.

Any of the study guides offered by Light My Path Ministries will help you search God’s word for the answers to all your questions.

Fig leaf clothes just won’t last!


When man and woman found themselves naked in the garden they tried to cover themselves with fig leaves. Fig leaves are pretty large but once they are off the tree they dry out and crumble. But God provided for them – He made them garments. It certainly showed His love and compassion as he provided a way to cover their naked shame. He does that for us too – through the atoning blood of His Son, Jesus. To find out more about God’s amazing plan for us take a look at Light My Path Ministries studies on Genesis: Created With Purpose and Created to Prosper.

“History builds identity.”  CIMG1280Roshan Santami, American Musician

In my house sits a very old table and buffet. It belonged to my husband’s grandparents. This table and buffet were one of the first pieces of furniture they bought when they were married.  My husband remembers sitting at the table when he was a young boy.  As a child my mother-in-law ate supper at this table and pulled dishes out of the buffet.  When I pull a chair up to the table I am sitting down at a tangible piece of our family history. When I pull my dishes out of the buffet I am part of a long line of Taylor women who have been hospitable.  This table and buffet help build my identity – who I am and who I want to be.  They tie me to the past and give me courage to face the future.

For a Christian, a beloved child of the one true God, Genesis serves the exact same purpose.  When I read the creation account and think about what God created for me from the very beginning, I stand in awe.  He created this entire world for me!  He made plans from the beginning – plans to give me a place to live, plans to communicate with me, plans for me to prosper, plans for me to have work to do, plans for me to come home to live with Him eternally.  When I carefully read and meditate on the words at the start of Genesis I know so much about who I am and who God wants me to be.


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